AYH Family and what it means…

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A while back, I had the notion that if folks could have one place to go to find good help then maybe it would be beneficial. One place where they could go to get honest, dependable, real help. For their home, for their yards, cars, bodies, lives! Then and there the AYH Radio Family was created. After years of trying to bring together like-minded professionals in the industry that want to provide good service and take care of their customers in different avenues, this one has proven so far to be the most meaningful. 

Every day we are adding more and more members and providing the community with a “one-stop shop” to find what they need. Solutions to problems. Quality service. Dependable professional people. So to all our AYH Family, I commend you and I thank you for stepping up and doing what you said you would do. That seems to be a lost art these days! To our listeners and the community of Charlotte and the surrounding area we invite you to lean on the family. Ask for the family’s help. Reach out to them. It’s what FAMILY is all about. I thank you for listening to the show, for your feedback, your calls, your comments and your commitment to continuing to spread the love. We are all in this together.