The “inside track” on Trex

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Being in the South, the majority of homeowners have decks in the backyard. A place to sit and soak up some summer sun and fun. Heat and water, however, are not friends to the wood our decks are often made of. Splinters, splitting lumber, stains, pains and no drains! Makes having a deck a pain. 

Enter Trex Composite Decking. They have completely revolutionized the decking industry with their composite products. For 20 years they have created, innovated and changed how decking products are made, opening a whole new world of design and colors and themes to create the perfect outdoor living space for your home. They are Earth friendly, committed to the environment and 95% of the products they make are made with recycled material. If you have any questions, ideas, needs or are simply curious about all the wonderful products Trex offers, visit their website at and learn more. Simply click on the picture and go check em out! Then go create your own slice of paradise in your neck of the woods.