Put Tools in Schools
Est. October 2018

I have been in the Construction industry for over 50 years in Charlotte NC. Every day I am hearing the same thing from all Electricians, Plumbers, Masons, Landscapers, Carpenters, Builders, they need help. It is harder today to get something done more than ever. And, it gets worse every day.

We quit teaching these skills many years ago in public schools, and we are all paying the price. Two generations have gone to public schools and lack basic life skills with their hands. The needs for skilled labor in the trades are vital and necessary.

Kids are not happy going to school. How can we educate and excite kids in schools?

Teach purpose like working with your hands. I have personally talked with hundreds of kids of all ages and most say the same thing. Kids do not learn how to be creative with their minds through their hands. We need to put creative, interactive, hands-on learning back in schools.

The education system of today is intended to send all students to college. Just that pressure alone going through school is a lot of unnecessary stress. Some kids are not college material. They not only learn differently they need to be moving to learn and get things done. Some kids require a different learning path that doesn’t currently exist, hands-on, interactive learning. It worked for many years in this country and it needs to work again.

Opportunities in the Construction and Service related Industries are unlimited and necessary for us all. They are immediate and require no college debt.

We cannot fix this enormous problem overnight. But, we have to start somewhere. Industry must get involved in order for this problem to be fixed. The existing workforce has to get involved. Who and where are the teachers for the solution? They exist in the existing companies everywhere in every community.

The immediate goal for “Put Tools in School” is twofold.

The first is to get in front of school students every available opportunity and expose them to career paths in the Construction Industry. Working with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools and CPCC to find every available resource for their future needs and let them know that there are other options than a four(4) year college degree. There will be three programs available, Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, with lengths depending on time available.

The next is to get Industry involved, this cannot happen without the support of Industry. They are the teachers and instructors. They are needed to supply the necessary tools, equipment, and most importantly knowledge. In my everyday circles, this topic is huge and everybody agrees that we need to do something. It is time for us to make a difference.

We must make this happen for so many reasons. Are you going to help fix the problem, or be part of the problem? Kids need us, the future needs us.

About Your House Radio is going to be a platform for sharing information on career opportunities and events with what’s going on with “Put Tools in Schools”. Please step up and be a part of the solution. 

Want to be involved in changing kids lives and providing much needed resources for all of our collective futures? CONTACT RAY TERRY AT 704-712-4644 OR EMAIL US AT ayhray@gmail.com

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