Put Tools In Schools Update Jan.29, 2019

posted in: Education

Put Tools in Schools teams up with Eastway Middle School

Eastway Middle School is embracing Put Tools in Schools and our first hour with 15-20 kids is February 27th! The principal is already looking three years out for this program in her school. That shows us how much they want and need this for their students.

This year, we are offering a “Tools In School” club to the 6th graders that meets for a total of 6 hours over the next few months (3-4pm on Wednesdays: 2/27, 3/13, 3/27, 4/10, 5/1, 5/15). For the next school year, we will coordinate an actual class for 7th graders. And pending that success, we will advance with the students to an 8th grade class offering.

This is HUGE! We have the school, the classroom space, the administration, and the students ready to play. Now it is time for industry to show up. This is just the start.

If you are a Family member and want to go into the classrooms with us, as a teacher, a tradesperson, a volunteer of Put Tools In Schools, please go to cmsvolunteers.com and sign up. (We all have to be vetted to go into the school.) Contact us at puttoolsinschools@gmail.com with any further questions!

Industry, we have said we wanted and needed this for years. Here it is. We need help in all areas. Each one of us can help in some way.

Please join the Family and Let’s do this.                                                                                                                        aboutyourhouseradio.com