Construction, Education and you…

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Folks, you’ve heard me talk about it for years…the need for more hands-on trade education in our schools. Over the  past few months our country has been hit with some pretty devastating hurricanes. As these natural disasters have destroyed thousands upon thousands of homes and businesses the slow process of rebuilding has begun. Unfortunately this has shed even more light on the lack of skilled workers in our country.  Places like Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands have reached a critical level of need for skilled construction people. Framers, roofers, plumbers, electricians, heavy machine operators, landscapers….the list goes on and on. All hands-on, down and dirty, hammer and nail type jobs that our education system has let fall by the wayside with regards to teaching these skills to our children, which is why we are where we are now. At a real crossroads when it comes to “how do we fix this?” “What can we do to help?” 

That brings me to answer with this…if you are a member of the skilled workplace in this area and YOU want to help further the education of these skills here’s who you need to call:

Jamila Freelain is the CPE Coordinator at CPCC. She is someone who, if you have a desire to help and want to know where to start, can point you in the right direction. Her email address is and her phone- number is 704-330-2722 x 7438.  We will also add her information to the “Education” section of our website for easy future reference. 

Let’s work TOGETHER to educate our young folks, both young men and young women, who want to work to BUILD a better future for us all! It’s not too late!